Friday, December 13, 2013

God Is Faithful To Reward!

This week I received a couple of AWESOME blessings that I just had to share. Talented Producer & Filmmaker Antoine Beane debuted a very powerful book trailer that he put together for "Discovering The Shepherd." This was a total surprise to me and was birthed from his solo vision of the project. When I talked to him about it, Antoine said that he wanted the trailer to reflect "something bigger and greater than us." He wanted it to reflect God and I think he nailed it! Check it out for yourself.

My second blessing came from my beautiful friend and "Discovering The Shepherd" study group member Author Emerald Barnes. She surprised me with a beautiful blanket embroidered with an awesome scripture. Check it out!

I adore this blanket and I'm planning to take good enough care of it to be able to wrap my grandbabies in it! Thank you to Antoine and to Emerald for these awesome gifts. God is faithful to reward those who work to further His Kingdom and I thank Him for touching the hearts of these two wonderful people to bless me.

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