Saturday, April 19, 2014

Christian Common Sense: 21 Knowledge Keys To Start Improving Your Life Today (Part 1)

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." -Hosea 4:6

In the past few weeks when speaking to me, God has placed extra emphasis on obtaining wisdom, not just for myself and my own life, but to share with those who have an ear to listen and a heart to come closer to Him. The Holy Spirit began to talk to me about some common things that we as believers can work on immediately to bring us into greater communion with the Lord & into greater cooperation with our sisters and brothers in Christ. He gave me a total of 21 all together, but I will be splitting them up to make it easier for discussion. Below are the first 5.

Key 1
Practicing a spirit of excellence where you are right now will help qualify you for your next level. Don’t wait until you have better to do better.  (Scripture Reference - Colossians 3: 23-24)

Key 2
Your height (or depth) in God is most accurately measured by the sweetness of your spirit in service. This is not to be confused with the sweetness of your actions. Acts of kindness can come from a self-serving place, but sweetness of spirit is seen in how you treat people when there’s nothing for you to gain from them.  (Scripture Reference – Matthew 25: 34–45)

Key 3
Having God in your life does not stop the world from trying to corrupt your spirit with lies about who you are and what you're worth. Having God gives you the source of divine truth about who you really are – beloved, worthy, and beautiful.  (Scripture Reference – Psalm 139: 13–15)

Key 4
Get familiar with the “slingshot method” of acceleration in God. Sometimes you must be “pulled back” in order to have the speed and momentum you need to slay the giant blocking your way forward. If you are praying for deliverance and obeying God’s instructions, do not be discouraged with what appears to be setbacks. That could be God pulling you back to be launched forward!  (Scripture Reference – Hosea 2: 14–15)

Key 5
There is a difference between judgment and correction. The biblical act of judgment is to pass down a permanent sentence on a person’s sins, condemning them to always suffer from whatever is plaguing their spirit. (e.g. “You’ll never change!”) Only God has the right to condemn a person for eternity. However, those who are spiritual (i.e. knowledgeable about and equipped to rebuke evil spirits) are allowed, and actually instructed, to correct each other with LOVE if we witness each other engaging in sinful behavior. (Scripture Reference – Matthew 7: 1–3; Galatians 6: 1)

Did any of these resonate with you? Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts. Feel free to share the post if you feel like it could help someone. The next 8 keys are available HERE.


  1. Yes, Key 5 really resonated with me. God has really been teaching me how to show and speak Grace over people. We know that Grace is unmerited favor...that means the person doesn't deserve it but God gives it anyway. He gave it to me (many many many times over 44 years of walking with him) he has been showing me that I too need to allow him to show Grace and Love through me. I am his serving tray...He heaps up my tray with Love, Grace, Mercy, and Peace and I am to dispense it...just like He dispensed it to me over and over and over again. I am also a Woman's Bible Study Teacher...I have been teaching an in Home Group for 25 years (in some one else's home)...and I know that there are times I have had to meet one of my 18 women for coffee somewhere so we could talk and I could admonish and instruct and encourage them in The Lord's Ways. God has always been so Gentle with me...and I try to be gentle with my Flock of 18 too. Life is messy but God is Faithfull! I am enjoying your book and love your blog. Blessings to YOU...PeggyAnn smith

    1. Thank you so much Peggy for sharing your insight and your warm encouragement. God bless you!