Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Me In The Pasture: A Psalm 23 Meditation

With the noise of our everyday lives constantly in our ears, how do we find quiet time with the Lord? I know that I personally cannot count the number of times I have settled in to spend time reading my bible or spend time in prayer when the phone rang or I was needed for something in the house. Despite the distractions that we have in our normal lives, it is of utmost importance that we find  the silent time to commune with God and hear His voice.

As I was writing volume 1 of "Discovering The Shepherd," and as I continue to work on the upcoming volumes, I realized that even when we do find the silent time, it may be difficult to quiet our minds sometimes. All of a sudden our inner voice has a million things to talk about and our silent time becomes "loud" again. In an effort to help myself and to help the readers of the book, I recorded a short meditation piece for us to use in order to quiet our minds and prepare for an encounter with the Shepherd.

Find a quiet place and click play below. I pray that it helps you as much as it has helped me and I hope to make more in the future.

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