Friday, May 2, 2014

5 STARS from Readers' Favorite!! Check out the review.

God continues to bless "Discovering The Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23"! In addition to becoming an international best seller, Readers' Favorite has given it 5 STARS! Read the wonderful review below.

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Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

"A deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Lord is beautifully illustrated in one of the most commonly used passages of scripture, the 23rd Psalm. G.E. Johnson’s exposition of the 23rd Psalm in Discovering the Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23 brings out the deeper meanings behind the verses of this hymn of comfort and confidence which is typically used primarily with funerals. Through a deeper examination of the powerful testimony of the Shepherd, Johnson demonstrates the deep, spiritual relationship that David has with the Lord. Through examination of the original Hebrew text, the hidden meanings are expounded upon and the Provider and Comforter, i.e. the Shepherd, is brought into a fuller light.

Discovering the Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23 goes beyond the typical usage for funerals and digs deeper into the meaning of the relationship between the sheep and the Shepherd. G.E. Johnson has expertly opened up the deeper truths, especially the ones that look at David’s background as a shepherd and the reasoning behind his use of the sheep and shepherd metaphor to describe his relationship with the Lord. God’s living word is no more profoundly expressed than in this hymn of provision and comfort. What the author has done is to take something that has such a common usage and make it come alive in a new way. He shows that this hymn is even more appropriate for comfort and provision than we have ever understood. Inspiring, accurate and beautifully written, Discovering the Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23 will bless all who read it and assist them in building a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Lord and Shepherd."

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Christian Common Sense: 21 Knowledge Keys To Start Improving Your Life Today (Final, Part 3)

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." -Hosea 4:6

In the past few weeks when speaking to me, God has placed extra emphasis on obtaining wisdom, not just for myself and my own life, but to share with those who have an ear to listen and a heart to come closer to Him. The Holy Spirit began to talk to me about some common things that we as believers can work on immediately to bring us into greater communion with the Lord & into greater cooperation with our sisters and brothers in Christ. He gave me a total of 21 all together and the part 1 post covered the first 5. Post 2 covered the next 8. These are the final 8.

Key 14
The blessings of the Lord will chase you down and overtake you, but that does not mean that you do nothing and wait to be overtaken. If blessings have to chase you down, that means you are already in motion toward the faith objective. At the same time, do not think your momentum will be increased by doing many things in the natural. With God, most of your work is done in the spirit realm. (Scripture Reference - Psalm 23:6)

Key 15
Do not allow worldly voices to convince you to conform to worldly systems when God has called you to be set apart and operate according to Heavenly systems. Worldly people will not understand the instructions of God. When they are busy hustling and bustling, He may call you to rest and spend your time in worship. When they are at rest and at play, He may awaken you to diligently work. Stand strong in what God has instructed you to do and watch your promises manifest. (Scripture Reference - Romans 12:2)

Key 16
If you ask God for a miracle, be prepared to become a public spectacle. God wants His Glory in the public light for the sinful world to behold. (Scripture Reference - Matthew 5:14-16)

Key 17
The power of God works in the natural as well as the supernatural. Sometimes the answer to the question burning in your heart is not hidden in the mysteries of the deep. You may find the answer attached to something or someone that you can literally reach out and touch. (Scripture Reference - Genesis 1:1) 

Key 18
Do not spend time arguing the Word of God with sinners. Without faith, they will not possess the spiritual ability to understand it. Offer them the love of Jesus followed by the way to salvation and by all means answer sincere questions. Just be sure to avoid contentious conversation and attempts to bait you into argument. (Scripture Reference - Matthew 7:6)

Key 19
If someone offends you in their actions, consider the intent of their heart before giving way to anger. Oftentimes an offense is more about the perception of the one who is offended than the actual intent of the offender. However, if you find the offense to be intentional, guard your heart from future interactions. (Scripture Reference - Proverbs 19:11)

Key 20
Guard your spirit from "second place" syndrome. This happens when the enemy tries to convince you that every one around you is always blessed before you. It can be frustrating to continue waiting while blessings are flowing all around you to other people, but there is no extra prize in being the first to receive. Your blessing will still be as bountiful as God promised when you receive it! If it helps, remember that some of the greats of the Bible were in "second place" - Isaac. Esther. Boaz. (Scripture Reference - Leviticus 26:4)

Key 21
The enemy rarely ever shows up looking like an enemy. Don't think He will always show up with guns blazing, ready to take you out in that moment. A lot of times He will hide among friends or loved ones, waiting for your weak moments to strike. Listen carefully to the people around you. Are they in agreement with what God has spoken over your life or are they speaking against it? Remember, Peter was rebuked several times by Jesus for speaking against the will of God and Jesus considered him a good friend! (Scripture Reference - Matthew 12:30)

Did any of these resonate with you? Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts. Feel free to share the post if you feel like it could help someone. God bless you in your Christian journey!